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"La Via dei Cairoli"

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Logo La Via dei CairoliWhat's "La Via dei Cairoli"?

“La Via dei Cairoli” is a territorial program organized by the “Uomo e Territorio Pro Natura” and caring and rediscovering a region extraordinarily rich in nature, history and culture, just 30 km south from Milan in the area of “Ticino Regional Park”.

It consists of a recommended cycling circuit of about 65 km. connecting Garlasco and Pavia, in the south-western part of the Ticino Valley, across the villages of Gropello Cairoli, Villanova d'Ardenghi, Carbonara al Ticino, Canarazzo (Carbonara al Ticino), Pavia, Zerbolò, Parasacco (Zerbolò), Madonna delle Bozzole (Garlasco) and Garlasco.

The program concerns:

  • the biodiversity's protection and the restoration of the local ecological network, with particular reference to the continuity of the last lowland forests and to the rehabilitation of wetlands along and outside the river
  • the consolidation and the implementation of sustainable local economies, in connection to the naturalistic, cultural, food an wine tourism as well as the maintenance of the territory, also through cultural and educational events and vocational training
  • the involvement of local communities in the safeguard and valorisation of their region
  • the recovery and reutilisation of common areas for functions of public interest, such as squares and streets, in order to make them safe for soft mobility and the recovery and exploitation of architectural heritage and green areas
  • the rediscovery of the peculiarity of local culture and history, not to be considered  as a museum value but as an important resource for the future

“La Via dei Cairoli” links people, nature, sustainable economies, culture, identity and local history to a program aimed to protection, restoration and enhancement of this extraordinary land.

Local communities are the heart of our territorial program and real protagonists of this new experience of preservation of the land and its resources for the present and future generations.


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Grafica del Cicloitinerario consigliato principale - elaborazione di D.Fregolent

La Via dei Cairoli - Foto di M.Canziani

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