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In the Lands of the Bear: Rock Art, Pastures, Chestnuts and Nature

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Concarena vista da Paspardo - Foto di M.Canziani(IT, DEIn the Lands of the Bear is a complex territorial programme - managed and self-financed by Uomo e Territorio pro Natura - which focuses on the protection of a mountainous area rich in extraordinary natural, gastronomic and cultural resources. It was the first Italian site to be included into the UNESCO World Heritage List.

It includes the central-eastern part of the valley Valle Camonica in the Adamello Park - from the village of Saviore dell'Adamello, reaching Braone (Province of Brescia) through Paspardo - crossed by the route La Via Bassa dell’Adamello.

Thanks to the support of members and donors, the programme organizes extraordinary territorial resources, promoting and encouraging sustainable local economies and a progressive widespread environmental recovery in the lands where the bear has come back to.

The programme lays the foundations for:

the protection of biodiversity and landscape, with particular reference to the protection of the neo-colony of the Alpine Ibex; the proper orientation of the perception of large carnivores (wolf and brown bear) at the centre of important dynamics of recolonization of the Alpine area; the fight against poaching that decimates ungulates and Galliformes, and against the use of lead shot ammunition in hunting activities; the increase in populations of deer, roe deer and chamois, as well as the conservation and enhancement of pastures and wide chestnut groves
• the consolidation and the creation of sustainable local economies, related to natural, cultural, food and wine and hiking tourism, of mountain animal husbandry as well as of environmental maintenance, including cultural, educational and recreational events; the enhancement and promotion of products and services; the information for the local community; professional training
the enhancement of the extraordinary historical and cultural heritage of rock engraving, castles, churches, and rural mountain architecture, still in use for productive purposes
• the involvement of local communities in the conservation and the enhancement of their territory
the rediscovery of local identity, culture and history.

Local communities – also through work groups and public meetings - are the heart of the territorial programme and the protagonists of this new experience of conservation of the territory and its resources for the present and future generations.


Orso bruno - foto di C.Frapporti Arch. Serv. Foreste e Fauna PAT

Orso bruno - Foto di C. Frapporti - Arch. Serv. Foreste e Fauna PAT